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Wolftree, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 charitable non-profit corporation that was established in 1994. Our mission is to serve people and their communities through innovative science education, ecosystem restoration, and ecological research. Wolftree’s administrative offices are located in Portland and Sisters, Oregon from which we serve many communities across Oregon and SW Washington. These offices support ten field sites, including our acclaimed Cascade Streamwatch education facility located on the Salmon River near the base of Mt. Hood.

Since 1994, Wolftree has served over 175,000 students in the Pacific Northwest. Dozens of professionals from more than 65 organizations have been trained to guide young people on outdoor scientific studies. With Wolftree’s numerous long-standing and strong partnerships in the region, we have the capacity and resources to empower local citizens to make permanent relationships between diverse sectors of the community. At a time when funds for education are being drastically reduced, Wolftree fulfills a need for additional opportunities. Wolftree’s well established connections with Latino and female student populations can help to prepare these groups for the rising demand for scientists, engineers, and computer specialists. From these connections, an educated core of caring residents will be better able to make complex decisions concerning our natural resources.

Wolftree is a private education organization. We are advocates for fostering invaluable connections among citizens and their public and private lands around them. We present information in a non-value laden, unbiased, objective forum. Participants are then better prepared to make their own choices about how they interact with the environment and society.

We provide the common ground for community stewardship, attracting partners from a wide spectrum of political and economic interests. All of our programs are “hands-on” and provide a unique opportunity for participants to hone their problem-solving skills through authentic studies of forest and aquatic ecosystems. Our graduates will make decisions that are based on knowledge rather than emotion. They will have the skills to utilize new technologies and engage in advanced science inquiry. We believe that getting people excited about science may be the single most enduring contribution Wolftree provides. Educated, aware, and informed citizens will help our public and private resource managers make wise decisions about the future of our natural resources.

Wolftree is a proud sponsor of the award winning Cascade Streamwatch, Science the Forest, the Golden Eagle CAM,and Project-based science education.

All of our education projects directly engage participants in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

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